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-1Philosophy 1000 02-28-08 I. Business -Final on May 3 rd @ 7:30 am - Read Gurtles article on the philosophy of mind II. Finish Albriton A. The lesson -Questions of free will and questions of MR are completely independent B. What we care about -Moral responsibility over free will III Moral Luck -Moral responsibility seems very important to us while there are certain things we cant constrain, and that creates a paradox -Agents are morally responsible for most of which they do -On one hand it feels like we’re in charge , but there is so much of everything we do that is out of our control that when you peel all of that away there really isn’t much left
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Unformatted text preview: A. Nagels position- The control criterion is the relevant criterion for the problem of moral responsibility.- While it’s difficult to understand how words can come out of someone’s mouth w/o any thought of saying it beforehand (torrens) -We cant be praised or blamed for something in which we have no control \-(Albriton)- “when my parachute went bad and I landed in your party, I did not just show up, I couldn’t help it.” B. Nagels Positions- details- Deterministic luck- Effectual luck- when we try and do something and it just doesn’t work...
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