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-1Review… straw man argument - A very one sided view with very little argument to support it Principle of charity - If your involved in arguments, you should be as charitable as possible to the objecting person and give them the best argument possible Deductively valid - If all the premises are true, and they must be connected so to prove the argument true Cosmological argument - Depends on the PSR and states… every being is either a dependent being, or a self-existing being. Not every being can be a dependent being, so there must be at least one self- existing being. Principle of Sufficent Reason (PSR) - Every positive thing in the world has an explanation. Also every negative thing is explained due to the fact that for every positive thing there are infinite negative things Argument for Design- Due to the complexity of humans there must be some sort of creator that made them. When coming across a watch and a rock, something had to have created the watch but the rock could have been there forever
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