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-1Philosophy recitation 03-19-08 Paper writing HOW TO WRITE THE BEST DAMN PHILOSOPHY PAPER EVER!!!! -Introduction (1 or so pages) Hook- introduce the topic -Thesis statement -Main points -Transition sentence -Definitions -explain the theory in detail focus on the properties relevant to your thesis statement -Body- argument (prove you thesis) 3 pages -Restate main point I -Prove it -textual evidence Don’t replace analysis with quotations (cite properly)
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss the quotation in the light od your thesis statement-Examples-Illustrate the point-Logical arguments-Counter Argument (1 or so pages)-Present the strongest objection to your view-Explain the objection carefully-Respond to the objection-Conclusion (1 page or so)-Grammar matters-Avoid passive voice (x was done by y)-”This” needs a modifier-Spelling...
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