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1. Descriptive : Inferential as a) approximate : exact b) +summarizing : accounting for chance c) quantitative : qualitative d) substantive : statistical 2. In the ordinary course of investigation, statistical matters a) precede research matters b) follow research matters c) +intervene between the research question and the research conclusion d) form the beginning and end of study 3. Scores for which of the following variables would necessarily be an approximate number? a) family size b) annual income c) +arm length d) chapters read at the end of the semester 4. The magnitude of grouping error is a) greatest when the number of class intervals is large
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Unformatted text preview: b) +greatest when the number of class intervals is small c) great when the number of class intervals is either very small or very large d) una f ected by the number of class intervals 5. f/n gives us a) cml f b) average frequency c) cml % d) +relative frequency 6. Suppose we selected two different random samples of the same size from among the freshman women at a given university and determined the heights of all selected. On which measure of central tendency would you expect the two samples to be most similar? Explain (6 pts)...
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