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Hello all: Here are the discussion questions for your consideration for the coming week. We may do a bit of wrap-up on Walpole, but these questions will be our main focus. In that cause, concentrate on Chapters 6 and 9 in Heyck. 1. Why were the Plantations of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries significant events in Anglo-Irish relations? (Hint: These maps may help you visualize the issues more clearly). 2. Why are the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Ireland referred to as the "Protestant Ascendancy?" 3. Scotland seemed an unlikely place to undergo a cultural "enlightenment" in the eighteenth century. Why and how was this possible? Give those some thought as you prepare for class. Have a great weekend. Get out there and savor those balmy temperatures in the mid thrities. Ben and Will. Hello all: Here are, at long last, the family trees of the British royals. These will, I am sure, serve as a most valuable reference when trying to remember the relationships between all of those Charleses and Marys and Georges. The Tudors (1485-1603) and Stuarts (1603-1714): click here . The Hanoverians (1714-1837):
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history124exam - Hello all Here are the discussion...

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