Totalitarianism-- Hitler in the Bunker

Totalitarianism-- Hitler in the Bunker - MARCH 10TH 2008 In...

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MARCH 10 TH 2008 In the Bunker 16 January 1945 - Hitler moves in Till April 30 th 1945. Never seen again outside the bunker except for the grounds of his bunker to walk his dog, look at Hitler youth, but no one from Germany sees him. 105 days. All kinds of queries, does he go mentally unstable, loves to be cheered, honour and saluted and now is in hiding. Life in the bunker Started to be built in 1933, the government buildings- legal offices had a backyard and underneath was the beginning of this bunker. Assumes command in this year, ironic. American leadership had these type shelters as well. Started with 20 rooms, The chancellery bunker in Berlin 1944-45. 55 feet underground, grew to 90 rooms, 6 feet thick of concrete. 16 feet from the ground, massive complex that he will take everyone’s that meant something to him. Air filtration, water filtration, back part built by Speer. Back part built in the war. Few things; 1. Leaked, dripped with moisture, the ground built on was previously really wet, food spoiled, clothing got damp, mildew, and air filtration would malfunction. Lights had no covers, towards the end, overcrowded, Hitler would invite military leadership and some soldiers. 2. wanted young life in the places, 200 orphans came to live. 3. Hands shaking got worst, emotional, eyes bloodshot because of the darkness, shuffling walk- dragged left leg, drooling, food stains on his clothing, months in the bunker- physical, mental downfall. Fredrick the Great- Prussian leader, his hero at this point in time, and took the picture with him, sometimes travel on train- put special seat to be saved. 3. One of the backrooms, working on a model of his home town- Linz. Working with Speer, that one day when the war was over, they would reconstruct his home town, testimony to the Third Reich. APRIL 15
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Totalitarianism-- Hitler in the Bunker - MARCH 10TH 2008 In...

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