Totalitarianism--Resistence to Hitler

Totalitarianism--Resistence to Hitler - March 3rd 2008...

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March 3 rd 2008 RESISTANCE TO HITLER Hitler escapes many times, he starts to believe that he is ‘god divine’ and is blessed. Gods chosen person to lead Germany to the future. Every attempt fails. One of the historians said that there was 30 attempts to kill Hitler. SECURITY Fascination with own personal security. Psych, has to keep changing numbers to get more elite, trustworthy security. Connected with this is Hitler’s own health, two levels: worried about safety and worried about health. Mid 1930’s constant headaches, eczema, stomach cramps, gums bled, things going wrong. Man who is obsessed with physical, safety and divine (that he is safe) diseases he will conquer with his own will power. Own private train: “Amerika”, heavy armed, fully supplied with GPS, guns, supplies, Nazi science, one hand paranoid and the other hand, divine and the other hand fortified train, airplane- pilot, own engineer, fleet of drivers, anytime he went anywhere there was a dummy train, car so that they would not know which one he was on. Bullet proof glass, tires, guns attached, changeable, he would stand up in his convertible in crowds. SWITZERLAND: BAVAUD Swiss Roman Catholic, firmly believed that it was his mission, God had appointed him to kill Hitler. Frenzy, desire, whole fate of Europe resting on this man. October 1938, Moved to Munich to see what Hitler did when he visited the graves of those who died at the Putsch. (1923) This man decided he would go to the public event to see if he could find the time to shoot him. Went to the event, got to the spot where he would shoot Hitler, someone got in the way and was never able to make the shot. Tried going to where Hitler is staying, hands around if he shows himself. No opportunity thought as a catholic he would go to France, at the border the train is stopped and he is searched, had a gun, ammunition, map of Munich, this man thinks he has been stopped by the French military police so he confesses. He was actually talking to the Gestapo and he is arrested, imprisoned, beheaded
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Totalitarianism--Resistence to Hitler - March 3rd 2008...

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