PoliSci 020--Globalization Environment (march 25, 27)

PoliSci 020--Globalization Environment (march 25, 27) -...

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March 25, 2008 Globalization Environment What's the link? Tran sovereign People cause environmental dilemmas (human action) Environmental changes cause human migration (response, reaction) Environment: preservation, conservation, balance (what’s the best approach?) Refugees: prevention, management, return Multiple actors: states, private groups (MNCs, NGOs, etc.), and people (=collective effort) No single solution = political (=power, state, structures and interests global politics) Environment Carson: wrote Silent Spring, 1962, American Naturalist and civil servant, the book talked about DDT and other pesticides Some issues: o Climate change: Global warming: rise in average temperatures, melting polar ice caps Ozone depletion: eroding ozone layer, which screens out harm ultraviolet sun rays Rainforests o Industrialization: Mostly in Western/Northern hemisphere (highest levels of consumption) Acid rain, gas emissions, toxic waste, industrial pollution (key. N. Am issue) Acid rain: waste from factories goes up chimney stacks, absorbed into clouds, and then dropped as part of rain water Nuclear & toxic waste: industrial plants & nuclear plants, but also from old weapons (Russia, E. Europe) o Europe, Canada, US & Russia: temperate rainforests depleted Rain forests: being burned or harvested, but are needed reduce carbon dioxide & replenishing oxygen (size of England per year)
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PoliSci 020--Globalization Environment (march 25, 27) -...

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