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Political Science 020 Exam Review (april 8)

Political Science 020 Exam Review (april 8) - points in the...

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Political Science April 8, 2008 Political Science Exam Review Maximum 145 questions o 12: web-notes, lecture, textbook, tutorial readings o Maximum 20 questions= BONUS some on immigration lecture and readings and tutorial Lectures or Readings? o Explicitly from the textbook o “In the love book…” Understand the big picture, draw patterns together from the web-notes, lecture, textbook and tutorial readings ‘Synthesis’ exam, collapsed questions flash cards help to show patterns Use charts to help study International Relations Themes/Issues Terms/Examples International organizations Global Security Refugees Can you identify the key concepts? Make a list of key concepts, mix them up and then see if you can still identify Textbook: major points of lecture, points Nig told you to look up in the book, key
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Unformatted text preview: points in the books • Tutorial Readings: author’s name, key arguments, key points/issues, whats common between the two authors? STUDENT QUESTIONS • No intro lecture, no material from first term • No practice exams but a clicker session on Thursday, April 10 • Study each lecture depending on the extensive/expansive of the lecture • What stats do I need to know? Key ones mentioned, main point is the patterns and evidence o What was the key point? o What was the key theme? • What dates do I need to know? o Key ones mentioned o Main: Decades, eg. Debt crisis Key years, eg. When was the Internet invented? o Linked to key points, themes and ideas...
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