3551 Outline - ONLINE - Sp-08

3551 Outline - ONLINE - Sp-08 - Dr. David J. St. Clair...

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Dr. David J. St. Clair Economics 3551 Managerial Economics Spring 2008 Course Syllabus Special Note#1 : This is a hybrid online course. All instruction is done online. Exams are done in the classroom. Your attendance in class will be required on at least two of the following dates: 1. May 5 (Monday) @ 4:00 – 5:50 2. June 2 (Monday) @ 4:00 – 5:50 3. June 11 (Wednesday) @ 5:00 – 6:50 Your attendance on all three dates maybe required, depending on your grading option (see below). If you are unable to meet this attendance requirement, please contact me as soon as possible. Special Note #2 : In order to insure your registration in the course, you must log onto Blackboard and confirm your registration through a “Check-in Quiz.” Instructions are at the end of this Syllabus under the heading “Getting Started in the Class.” If you do not confirm your registration, you will likely be dropped from the class. How to find the Course Online : The Course website is at: http://bb.csueastbay.edu. See the section below for information about logging onto Blackboard. How to Contact Me : The best way to contact me about any matter concerning class requirements, the class schedule, or class content is to post your question on one of the discussion boards. I will be checking the discussion boards on a regular basis and will respond within 48 hours or less. (I will let you know when I will be checking the discussion boards as soon as I work out a routine.) Please note the following regarding the discussion boards: 1. Normal rules of civility and appropriate conduct apply – Be polite. 2. You may post under your name or you may post anonymously. 3. There will be no “forced discussion” in the class; you are not required to post or to participate in any discussion. (There is a possibility of extra credit points in conjunction with selected Blackboard discussions – any extra credit assignments will be announced on Blackboard.) 4. I will create one discussion board for questions that pertain to the class requirements, schedule, etc. I will create additional discussion boards for each assignment. All discussion boards will remain posted throughout the quarter. 5. Use the discussion boards for most of your questions – Use e-mail only if your question regards a private matter. Please keep in mind that if you have a question, there are probably a dozen other people with the same question. Take the initiative and ask.
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6. You are encouraged to answer questions that are posted on the discussion boards. When you respond, you learn. This is a very effective way to study. If your question is directed to me, I will respond as soon as possible (always within 48 hours or less). If you are posting to the class, I will refrain from responding until others have had a chance to respond. Office
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3551 Outline - ONLINE - Sp-08 - Dr. David J. St. Clair...

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