bio 290 - Crown Gall Disese Name Date Class Vidya...

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Crown Gall Disese Name : Vidya Endraiyani Date : February 13, 2006 Class : BIOMI 291 Purpose: to determine the Agrobacterium as the cause of crown gall disease that caused a disease in a plant using Koch’s Postulate. Treatments and Controls: The infected plant was observed and injured to get the inner infectious part of the stem as a good source of the Agrobacterium for further enrichment and isolation. The isolated Agrobacterium was mashed well with an applicator stick in the micro-centrifuge tube filled with sterile broth until the gall emulsified. After some period of incubation to let the bacteria grow, a sample from the broth was inoculated and swabbed on the agar plate. After another period of incubation at 37C in the incubator, colonies of Agrobacterium can be observed. However, on the control plate, swabbed with the injured part of the uninfected plant, colonies of disease causing agent was not observed. The following test; KOH, catalase, oxidase tests as well as wet mounts, were done, to make sure that the isolate is a pure culture. After all the tests confirm a positive result, a healthy plant was reinfected by injuring some part of plants’ sites such as: stems and leaves. When the Agrobacterium was let to grow for 3 weeks, and has infected the new plants with the same observable characteristics as the first infected plant, Agrobacterium
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bio 290 - Crown Gall Disese Name Date Class Vidya...

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