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Registering the Solver Add-in. Step 1: Open Excel. Step 2: Once Excel has opened, click on Tools. Step 3: If there is a Solver choice on the Tools menu, click it. The Solver Parameters dialog should appear, and you can skip the steps below. You’re done. Step 4: If there is no Solver choice, click Add-ins on the Tools menu. Step 5: In the list of Add-ins available check to see that 'Solver Add-in' is part of the list, if yes, make sure the Solver check box has been checked (after you do this and click OK, the Solver choice should appear on the Tools menu). If not, follow the steps below under Installing Solver for the first time. Installing Solver for the first time. NOTE: In order to do the following steps you will need your Microsoft Office Installation CD-
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Unformatted text preview: ROM or disk(s). Step 1: Insert your Microsoft Office CD-ROM (or Excel program disks) into your CD-drive. Step 2: If the Office setup program does not appear automatically, use Start/Run/d:Setup.exe where d is your CD-drive letter. Step 3: Once the Office setup program has started click the Custom installation button. Step 4: Click on the Add/Remove button. Step 5: Highlight Excel, then click on Change Option button. Step 6: Highlight Add-ins, then click on the Change Option button. Step 7: In the Add-ins list that appears find Solver and select it. Step 8: Click on the OK button, OK again, then Continue and the installation of Solver will begin....
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