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hw5 - Astro 102/104 Our Solar System Spring 2008 NAME...

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Astro 102/104 Our Solar System Spring 2008 NAME:______________________________ Section Number:_______________ Homework 5: The Earth Due: in your section on the week of Feb 25 th . Be neat and concise, show your work, and remember units. An answer without the correct units is wrong. Suggested reading: Lecture notes 11 and 12, and corresponding chapters from the book. 1 Earth’s One Large Moon a. [1 point] Using Tables E.1 and E.3 in your text, compute the ratio of the Moon’s mass to that of the Earth, written as a decimal number (e.g., 0.05). b. [3 points] Compute the same ratio for the solar system’s other planets (the ones with moons), plus Pluto. Use the most massive moon for each planet. Show your work, but also enter the final values in the table. Planet Name Moon Name Mass Ratio Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto c. [1 point] Which of these bodies have mass ratios at least as large as that computed for the Earth’s Moon in part a?
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2 [1 point] How do we know what is inside the Earth—i.e., that Earth has a solid/liquid core, mantle, etc?
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