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Hugh Tures UNVR 197L November 6, 2007 Assignment 14 SQ3R Assignment : English reading assignment from the “Rules for Writers” textbook. Three potential exam questions : A. What is your opinion of the main characters wife, Claire? Is she too judgmental? Is she treating Stuart fair in her accusatory ways and judgments? B. What would you predict would happen in the story if the gender roles were reversed? In other words, if Claire took Stuarts position and the one accusing the partner of the crime/rape was the male? How would things have turned out differently C. Explain why Claire took the approach towards Stuart that she did.
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Unformatted text preview: I think for me the SQ3R Note-taking method gave me a good old fashioned sigh of relief. It's unlike any other note taking strategy or tips that I have received from professors or my parents, and I like its unique approach to learning. I have always had different styles of learning, depending on the type of class that I was in and this method can flex and and fit for just about any kind of class or learning style that one may have. I think its a great method, and I will honestly be using it in all my classes and studies from now on, as well as passing on the word about it to other friends and colleagues....
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