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Assignment 16 - conversation with somebody about something...

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Hugh Tures INDV 197L November 8, 2007 Assignment 16 The conversation I decided to have involved my Dad, and how he is doing with the “empty- nest” syndrome, his business and simply life in general. What I learned from this conversation is that I am a fairly engaging listening, and tend to be very active as opposed to passive, like many people that I know. I try and always stay away from being a passive listener because I know that has a lasting effect on the person that is trying to communicate with me. For example, if I simply do not know how to be an active listener, and I am having a
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Unformatted text preview: conversation with somebody about something going on in their life, they are not going to appreciate me sitting back and not acting intrigued or being very engaged with what they have to say. I think even on phone calls I have learned to be an active listener, asking questions and responding to what the person has to say. This in turn makes the person communicating with me feel that I am actively interested in hat they have to say, and thus boosts their self esteem. It also leads to a better conversation and makes me feel like something was actually accomplished during the talk....
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