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LEONA CHEN OCTOBER 11, 2006 AP LIT PER.5 PAGE 261 QUESTIONS: 1. The hand was set next to her right albow on the bedsheet. The significance of the setting of the story is important because it shows the wife's admiration and love for her new husband. She has just fallen in love with them and they are newly weds. She is discovering the un-noticed physical features of her husband for the very first time. 2. She did not know her husband well because everything she encountered with him was a surprise to her. She was even excited to go to sleep with him without getting distracted. It also states that she had only lived with him for about two weeks and she barely knew him. She was attracted to his looks, and avaliablility. He was recently widowed and married her a month later. 3. The hand was big and strong. His nails were manicured and she felt that his hands were too manly for the manicured look. She started to change her mind when the hand started showing signs of distress and hostility. 4.
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