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ch 37 notes - LEONA CHEN AP US HIST CH. 37 THE COLD WAR...

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LEONA CHEN AP US HIST CH. 37 THE COLD WAR BEGINS NOTES: 1945-1952 I. Cold War Begins Cold War pitted the communist Soviet Union against the capitalist U.S. and its Western Allies. President Harry S. Truman found himself in an difficult battle against communism instead Dwight D. Eisenhower inherited the conflict. The Yalta Conference, February 1945: - The Allies had been united by a negative goal and had not agreed on a positive goal which could continue to unite them once Hitler was not a threat anymore. Germany - Germany to be divided into zones of occupation as previously agreed. - Moved away from the ‘Morgenthau Plan´ (reducing Germany to an agricultural country but not alternative was found. - Eliminate or control "all German industry that could be used for military purposes". - Trials of the leading war criminals were agreed. - Commission to be established to determine reparations. Iran - Northern part of the country to be a Russian sphere of interest / Southern part a British sphere. - During WWII country jointly occupied b/c on a supply route to the USSR. - September 1944: British negotiate an oil concession w/ Iranian Gov. for Anglo- - Iranian Oil Company and Standard Oil of USA à Soviet seek a similar concession / Iranians (encouraged by West) refuse. - USSR began to give support to groups opposed to monarchy in Iran /
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ch 37 notes - LEONA CHEN AP US HIST CH. 37 THE COLD WAR...

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