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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapel next to the main altar Maintained by the Braincacci family Masaccio Died at age 27 from the plague Scenes on both side of the chapel are about the life of Peter Done around 1425 Tribute Money Book of Matthew ch 17 vs 24-27 Jesus is with disciples, tells peter to find money in mouth of a fish. Tells Peter to pay the tax collector. Florence had no army and no tax to pay for it. Debating to create a tax for it, Catasto. This fresco was propaganda to help convince people to pay the tax, even the clergy. If Jesus paid taxes why can't everyone? Full backgrounds, no flat abstract. Realistic mountain range
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Unformatted text preview: *Atmospheric Perspective - forms in the distance become less distinct(blurry, hazy) because they are far away from us. The p a Linear perspective Modeling, drappery Figure with its back to us and a pocket of space around Jesus. Similar to the Arena Chapel *Cast shadows - first time in a fresco* Shadows are cast based on an actual window in the chapel Each face appears to have its own thought behind it to go along with the scene. Adam and Eve Fronts are illuminated by the window and cast a shadow Eves pose is from a large scale female nude Venus from antiquity. "The Modest Venus"...
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