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-1 The Graduates Response When the author, Louis Menand, poses the question “What do we want from college?”, I found myself back in a conversation with my dad and grandfather, who had both asked me this question before. I remembered that when I had first been asked this question that I thought it was an obvious answer, and the answer was because I had to go to college in order to be successful. Now that I have been in college for even this little time I realize that my answer has been completely changed, and that college is not only important here to be another stepping stone one must conquer in order to seem worthy in the eyes of society, but instead it is a place where one can find themselves, and prove to
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Unformatted text preview: themselves that they are worthy to be an adult. I want to learn to be able to not have assumptions on people that I have never actually talked to before. I want to become a well learned and well read individual who can carry out an intellectual conversation with people who do not have a similar background as myself. I also want to be well prepared and be able to succeed later on in life, but I now realize that college can do much more than that for me, and for everyone. It is a place where I can meet and learn from people that I never would have had a chance to if such an institution did not exist. In short, I want a chance to make myself better than I was before I arrived....
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