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demo speech - Demo Speech Today you will learn how to brush...

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Demo Speech Today you will learn how to brush your teeth. I chose this because it is very important to know the right way to brush your teeth. The right way will reduce bacteria and increase the overall health of your gums. I have been doing it for almost 17 years and I consider myself an expert. It is easy and in nine easy steps you will know the proper way to keep your mouth healthy. 1. The first thing you need to do is pick the right toothbrush. If you have sensitive gums, you need a brush with softer bristles than someone with harder gums. 2. Next, pick your toothpaste. They have all kinds such as tarter control, whitening toothpaste, and they have flavors such as cinnamon, mint, or orange are just a few. 3. Now apply the toothpaste. you should run the brush under some water, so the paste is wet and really sinks in.
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4. Now you should brush the top teeth thoroughly. 5. Then, the bottom teeth. The top and the bottom teeth are the most important, because everyone sees these and you want them to be white.
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