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Acquiring Property I. Transfer of Title to Personal Property UCC (article 2, article 3, article 8) A. By SALE i. Sale- tangible personal property (goods) is a transfer of title to goods for a price…. .intnagible governed by UCC B. By Gift i. Gift- transfer of one person to another without consideration (price) 1. must be intent on part of doner 2. must be acceptance on part of recipient B. By Delivery i. Manual transfer of item to donee construvtive delivery - if object too big effect delivery thorugh something that symbolizes dominion over item C. Intent i. dodnor must intend to makea gift of property D. Acceptance i. need acceptance on behalf of recipient (sometimes gits burdensome i.e. elephant) E. Classification i. Inter vivos-during lifetime
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Causa Moros- conditonal upoen donors death and recipeient surviving death iii. Will-personal property acquired through inheritance iv. Accession- any increase in it (i.e. cows with calves) v. Confusion-identical goods beonging to two different people become mixed (i.e cows from two different owners) vi. Possesion- if property abondonded,lost page 1007***find something in ground, milaid property- misplace it it is still yours trasure trve pg 1007* II. Property Insurance A. Insurance i. Inusrance- contractual undertaking by the insurer to pay a sum of money or give something of value to insured contingent upon an event happening beyond control of contracting parties...
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