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ReadingQuizAnswersOne - Reading Quiz One 1.The nobility in...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Reading Quiz One h h 1.The nobility in Spain owned ninety-five percent of the land, despite the fact that they only represented two percent of the en 4.The Arawak Indians inhabited Hispaniola, the land and islands Columbus believed to be the Indies. The Arawak society wa 5.Syphilis could be considered the aids of the 1400's.(Page 91) 6.De la Casa's writings were first published in 7.Though Sterk only meant to show her concern and apathy, the informant became offended because she believed that Sterk 8.Fieldwork is a very difficult job for many reasons. One reason is that when conducting fieldwork, it is a challenge to remain o 2.Columbus did not rise to his status as a gentlemen or make his money in his early days as a seamen. He traveled the sea a 3.Florentine philosopher Paolo Toscanelli had in his possession a map of Marco Polohs estimated distances in Asia. In the m
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Sheet1 Page 2 on. (Page 15) on jointly held property and village communes. Columbus and his men however exterminated or ensla
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