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Sheet1 Page 1 02/20/08 Reading Quiz 2 1. As a member of a western culture, I tend to go to bed at a similar time every night for a singular chunk of 2.The two-phase sleep pattern described at the end of the article makes sense. It is believed to possibly be the n 3.Traditional cultures or societies that are prone to the two-phase sleep pattern probably put more of an emphas 4.Cross-cultural anthropological research in sleep research is valuable because it can help dismiss the commonl 5.The Nacirema believe the human body is unattractive and prone to sickness and disease. Therefore they rely o
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Unformatted text preview: 6.There is no evidence that the charms and magical potions actually work. There is actually evidence to support 7.Magic plays a huge role in Nacirema society. It is comparable to western civilization's dependence on science. 8.Because of my own ethnocentric beliefs, I can not help but view the rituals and procedures as cruel and barbar 9.The Narcirema would not view their own behaviors as strange. People believe that the ways and behaviors of t 10.10. Cephuhs group is usually made up of no more than four families. (Page 37)...
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