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Unformatted text preview: 24 March 2007 Reading Quiz 5 1.An unintentional consequence of many multicultural programs is that they often exacerbate differences feelings of hostility because the programs often focus on the differences between cultures instead of mutual understanding and trust. (Page 129) 2.Most of my own education reflected my heritage as a European American. My history books mostly concerned white European men. We learned about other cultures when they interacted with white history or for a few days during black history month or an ethnic holiday/celebration. Other times we learned about other heritages were in language courses., but then it was limited to cultural traditions and not much history. 3.Teachers often do not teach cultural differences because they want to avoid the conflict that can arise after a discussion or race or ethnicity that often involves strong feelings and emotions. Teachers do not want to leave the comfort zone because they feel their classroom will be come uncontrollable and that emotions or feelings may explode. (Page 135) 4.In the classroom, it should not be taught that each ethnicity is homogeneous. The differences within ethnicities should be taught to avoid stereotyping. Connections and similarities among ethnic groups should also be emphasized. Issues or cultures relevant to the school's particular ethnic makeup should also be addressed. (Page 136, 137) 5. By an invisible package of unearned assets, the author is referring to the idea that Whites are systematically given privileges they have not earned and generally do not recognize. The invisible knapsack holds provisions that help open doors for certain people through no virtue of their own. (Page 109,110) 6. Additions that can be made to the authors list of situations that confer privilege are that I can discuss racism without appearing to be only worried about myself. I can also consider many options, professional or social, without worrying about how my race will factor into it. 7. Hallucinogenic plants were not discovered by accident. The amount of hallucinogenic plants found in a region usually depends on whether it is a dominant feature of the culture or not. Many more hallucinogenic plants have been found in the Americas because they are a larger part of the culture found there, not because there are any more plants growing there. (Page 214) 8. The relationship between medicinal drugs, psychotropic drugs, and poisons is the dosage. ((Page 214) 9. Set and setting influence what an individual sees while under the influence of a hallucinogen. Set refers to the individuals expectations of what the drug will do to them and setting refers to both the physical and social environment the hallucinogen is taken in. (Page 214) 10. Drug users in American society have their own secular rituals such as recreation. For example, though some groups use hallucinogenic mushrooms as a way to catalyst a religious experience, hallucinogenic mushrooms can easily be found on any college campus for those who wish to use them for a recreational purpose. ...
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