Oct 2004 Exam 2 - Psyc 100 General Psychology Exam #2 (Fall...

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Psyc 100 – General Psychology –Exam #2 (Fall 2004) – Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo ID: A MULTIPLE CHOICE Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Whenever a camera flashes, you blink your eyes. This automatic, involuntary response is a(n) ______ and controlled by the _____. A) learned response; hypothalamus B) reflexive response; spinal cord C) latent reaction; hypothalamus D) action potential; spinal cord 2. There is a _____ correlation between the amount of time a man spends in the refractory period and how old he is. A) positive B) negative C) neutral D) non-significant 3. The most common measure of obesity is based on the ratio of weight to height, and this measure is called the A) body mass index. B) height-weight composite. C) weight set point. D) settling point. 4. Gerald takes a break from playing a video game that requires him to shoot animated characters with a gun before they shoot him. He drinks several caffeinated beverages before returning to the video game. How will the caffeine affect Gerald's performance? A) His reaction time in shooting characters will decrease. B) His reaction time in shooting characters will increase. C) His reaction time in shooting characters will remain the same. D) He will pay less attention to what is occurring in the game. 5. Tony is unable to ejaculate, even after an hour of consistent genital stimulation. What treatment would a psychologist likely use to treat Tony's inhibited ejaculation? A) antibiotics B) electro-convulsive shock therapy C) relaxation techniques D) Viagra 6. Lacy believes someone tainted her martini with a drug that made her unable to resist a forced sexual encounter about which she has poor memory. The drug was likely A) a barbiturate. B) rohypnol. C) morphine. D) methadone. Version 1 Page 1
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7. You stay late at work because you expect that doing so increases the likelihood of being promoted. Your behavior can be explained by A) instinct approaches. B) cognitive approaches. C) drive-reduction approaches. D) arousal approaches. 8. You have been asked to write an article for your school's newspaper about the effects of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program. According to current research, what title should you give your article? A) "D.A.R.E. Does Little To Reduce Drug Use Over Time" B) "D.A.R.E.—The Wonder Program That Keeps Kids Off Drugs" C) "D.A.R.E. Loses Popularity with School Administrators" D) "D.A.R.E. May Decrease the Likelihood of Marijuana Use" 9. According to recent statistics, ____ of all Americans have a sexually transmitted disease. A) 5% B) 20% C) 50% D) 70% 10. Voluntary movements are a function of the somatic division, much like A) the fight-or-flight response is a function of the parasympathetic division. B)
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Oct 2004 Exam 2 - Psyc 100 General Psychology Exam #2 (Fall...

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