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Final essay 2 - After taking into account the ideas...

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After taking into account the ideas presented in Georges de Scudery's Observations on The Cid and The Opinions of the French Academy many conclusions can be drawn. One can either agree with the opinions presented or disagree. But to prove the accusations of these two wrong one must take a look into the work that they continually reference through out their pieces: Artistotle's Poetics. The major argument of both parties is that The Cid is not plausible. But one must ask oneself the definition of plausible in order to determine if these allegations are in error. One can find many definitions of plausible, and most use words like: reasonable, probable, fair, valuable, worthy of belief, pleasing, and persuasive to define it. So for the purposes of this paper, it seems a 'plausible' definition for plausible is: to be reasonable or otherwise worthy of believability. One must also take into consideration the difference between plausibility and reality when looking at this controversy because the events in The Cid are not fiction, in that they did happen. When looking back on Greek plays, which is where Aristotle's criticism comes from, the plots were derived from real life events, or from the great myths of the time; and according to
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Final essay 2 - After taking into account the ideas...

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