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Unformatted text preview: LIBERTY (economic freedom) VS EQUALITY Often in competition with each other Equality= suggests that all persons, regardless of circumstance should be treated the same. Economic Freedom= all persons have the liberty to pursue their economic interest as they think best. Equality of Opportunity suggests that we should all have the same starting point. That we all have the ability to make of oneself what one can to develop ones talents and abilities Equality of ResultS Equal sharing of income and material rewards. It's the idea that everyone starts and finishes together. Fairness What do most Americans believe about fairness Most Americans support a "floor" on income (Equality of Opportunity) Few Americans want to place a "ceiling" on income or wealth Americans want people who cannot provide for themselves to have assistance. (Some do) Americans do not believe that government should Equalize Income INCOME INEQUALITY The large gap between the Rich and the Poor The CAUSE of income inequality is not single factored. Lets explore and list them ...
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