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5 - Disability Consciousness and Alienation

5 - Disability Consciousness and Alienation - They want you...

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Unformatted text preview: They want you to go to Rehab Club*... And you say Yes, Yes, Yes! When: Thursday (2/21) @ 6PM Where: Third floor HSTC (look for signs giving room #) Earn 5 bonus points to be used in any RHB course this semester Help us spend money!! We need to spend all our SORF $$ or we lose it Reasons to go It's good to get involved; be part of the solution * With apologies to Amy Winehouse Media Logs fine tuning New cover sheet Use the new cover sheet from now on!!! Or I won't grade it anymore Folder use If you email me your media log, then you MUST bring me your folder BEFORE Thursday's class Or I won't grade it anymore Length Each media log now is practice for those later papers So learn to expound on your analysis now or suffer later Reaction and analysis More analysis (less reaction), please! Portrayal of PWD is key (not your reaction) Disability Consciousness and Alienation The Difficulty of Developing a Disability Identity The Role of Disabled in Society PWD's bargain with society Society will partially tolerate the presence of PWD as long as they display a constant, cheerful striving toward being normal (like us) Similar to the Jim Crow South, minus the lynchings Break that bargain and society will ostracize you even further The usually quiet and indirect discomfort with PWD becomes loud and direct hate Maintain the bargain and you are a good crip Break the bargain and you become a bad crip Make Them Go Away, by Mary Johnson Good Crips and Bad Crips Good crips smile and say "Yes suh" and "No suh" and "I love Jerry Lewis" Bad crips fight for their civil rights in court Good crips agree that the non-disabled know what is best for the disabled Bad crips say "Nothing about us without us" Bad crips know the problem is in the interaction with society and its love of good crips Bad crips are one of "them" and Proud of it Good crips believe they themselves are the problem Good crips are one of "us Bad crips quote, pp 131-32 from Make Them Go Away Internalized Oppression The barriers Isolation Degradation Dependency Discrimination Medicalization Quote on page 75 from text PWD have developed an attitude that they are unable to do things Conditioned by societies to believe they deserve help and pity How it works The result Alienation and Identification Alienation: Isolation from a group or activity that one feels they should belong Being one of "them" when one feels they should be one of "us" Being an Outsider instead of an Insider To be alienated is to feel disempowered because you are denied the power that comes from group membership Alienation is singular and weak, whereas group membership is plural and powerful The antidote to alienation is to identify with others, thus forming a group identity The whole is greater than the sum of its parts Psychological Barriers to Disability Identity Outsiders want to be insiders How does a person go about trying to do this? Outsiders don't want to associate with other outsiders To do so seems contrary to the goal of being an insider For an outsider that feels shame to identify with another outsider pitied by society is too painful Outsider + Outsider = more shame and pity for both But this is Wrong!! Just the opposite is True!! It's like saying 1+1=0, when we know 1+1=2 Outsider + Outsider = A New and Unique Group Sociological Barriers to Disability Identity No history of disability to identify with But this is beginning to change with people like Paul Longmore There is no disability culture that has been passed down through customs, stories, and language The Deaf have this The general population of PWD is developing this PWD have been too isolated and oppressed to even imagine this Gender Race Ethnicity Etc. Disability is often the LAST thing people will identify with, if at all People need to imagine a community before it can exist The problem of competing identities for support Why This Matters Strong Disability Identity = Empowerment Alienation = Disempowerment Disability politics in the form of the Disability Rights Movement Replace the longstanding disempowering narrative with a politically empowering alternative Strong Disability Identity = Empowering Disability Narrative Literature Movies Sports Academia: Disability Studies programs Promote "bad" crips!!!! ...
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