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Pham 1 Michael Pham WRC 1023.050 Professor Swellander 3 March 2008 It all began with a harmless Alcohol Advertisement Zero net carbs, whazzup, duuude, these may sound familiar, but they aren’t from a movie, they are all from alcohol advertisements. They may seem funny, but are they healthy for today’s society? With so much brain washing on the tube, is another alcohol advertisement really that dangerous? Alcohol advertisement request users to drink responsibly, and also offers a zero net carbs alcohol line for healthy conscious drinkers; but, a majority of beer companies target underage viewers, and the message behind the advertisement is promoting the consumption of alcohol. From my standpoint alcohol advertising does more harm then good. The benefits of alcohol advertising begin with promoting responsible drinking, as well as opening the door for parents to have a discussion with their children about drinking responsibly at a legal age. Where without alcohol advertisements, parents might not have a venue to bring up drinking responsibly with their kids. There is an assumption within the alcohol market that alcohol will be consumed regardless of alcohol ads, so in essence all alcohol vendors want is brand recognition, and mind share. They don’t necessarily want to promote drinking; they want to promote which brand to drink. For the health conscientious drinkers, alcohol producers even created a zero carb alcohol line, which is a positive aspect of alcohol advertising. This shows the flexibility
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Pham 2 to adjust of the alcohol advertisers to diet fads within the general population. At the end of the day, alcohol advertisements are just plain entertaining, we look
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alcoholadvertisement - Pham 1 Michael Pham WRC 1023.050...

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