06the rise of mahayana buddhism

06the rise of mahayana buddhism - The Rise of Mahayana...

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The Rise of Mahayana Buddhism Objectives Budhology Buddhahood What is Mahayana? Great Vehicle Social Background for the Rise of Mahayana Characteristics of Mahayana What is Mahayana Buddhism? What does it represent in the history of Buddhism? Mahayana as "the degeneration of the early teachings of the Buddha into superstitious ritualism” or Mahayana as a creative adaptation of the Buddhist Tradition to the demands of a new cultural and historical situation. Mahayana Buddhism Meaning of Term: Mahayana: the “ Greater Vehicle in contrast to Hinayana: the “ Lesser Vehicle (used only by the Mahayana) Mahayana Buddhism Concern for what the Buddha taught vs. Concern with who the Buddha was
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Social Background A revitalization movement --- an effort to recapture or reassert the original spirit of the teachings Historical Background of the Mahayana Reaction and the roots of schism or sectarianism Social Background Institutionalization of the Monastic Order Tripartite Sangha: Forest-dwellers Settled Monastics House-holder Lay Buddhists In some cases: monasteries isolated from lay communities Hypothesis about the origins Etienne Lamotte: can be traced back to the activities of the laity. A lay
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06the rise of mahayana buddhism - The Rise of Mahayana...

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