2nd midterm overview

2nd midterm overview - Beyond this list, you should also...

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Phil. 13, Fall '06 2nd In-Class Exam (Wednesday, Nov. 15) The second in-class exam is structured in the same way as the first in-class exam. It will be composed of a few true/false and multiple-choice questions, and a few short-answer questions. You will not need bluebooks for the exam. The exam will cover all the material assigned between the first exam and the date of the second exam. In preparing for the exam, you should make sure that you are familiar with the terms and concepts listed below (though the test will not necessarily be limited to what is below). It is not necessary to have a complete definition ready for each of the terms on this list, but you should have a sense of the role that each concept plays in the discussion we have had so far. For example, you should be aware if a given term is associated with a particular author or theory, and whether it is associated in some important way with other concepts on this list.
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Unformatted text preview: Beyond this list, you should also have a sense of the positions advocated by each of the authors we have read and a sense of the arguments they advance in favor of their positions. Consequentialism Utilitarianism Hedonistic Utilitarianism "Good is Prior to the Right" Direct Consequentialism Indirect Consequentialism Act Utilitarianism Rule Utilitarianism Higher/ Lower Pleasures Generalized Benevolence Rule Worship Pleasure-Machine Example Deluded Sadist Example Negative Utilitarianism Praise/ Dispraise/Blame Smart's terms (rational, right, etc.) Moral Responsibility Sheriff Example Stain on the Soul Desert-Island Promise Squeamishness Objection Free Rider Problem Impartiality of Utilitarianism George and Jim Examples Unthinkable as a Moral Category Integrity Publicity and Utilitarianism Determinism Libertarianism Compatibilism Reactive Attitudes "Could Have Done Otherwise" Tommy Example Expressive Theory of Responsibility Excusing & Exempting...
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2nd midterm overview - Beyond this list, you should also...

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