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Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics - Aristotle Nicomachean...

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Aristotle, Nicomachean ethics 10-2-06 - Happiness : living a distinctively human life well is the ultimate human good. - The Virtues : distinctively human ways of excellengtggthjiky67uio0pt or fine // virtues are suppose to lead to happiness - The Human Function : to be guided by reason in one's actions // function of human life is to live a life of reason - Complete and Incomplete goods : happiness is the best and most complete good - Functions: plant, animal, and human “[W]e take the human function to be a certain kind of life, and take this life to be activity and actions of the soul that involve reason; hence the function of the excellent man is to do this well and finely” (9). - medicine- health - general- win - animal: move around guide their behavior through desire. - incomplete, something is good but incomplete because you want that good thing to get another good thing. ex. we want victory in order to win but not an end in itself, because you really want peace - the best good is something complete, not something you want to get something else ex. material : don't want the plasma tv, but because you thing it would contribute to your happiness. - Kant: why do we have reasons, if the goal then god would give us instinct - aristotle: happiness involves being good and guiding your life through reasons, which is the most complete good. The excellent, or virtuous, human being is an expert at fulfilling her function as a human being—so of guiding her behavior by reason, which means to respond to situations in just the way that is rationally appropriate. - the relationship between functions and happiness arrises because happy is a good and the good associated is with its happiness. - got to be good for you to fullfill your function, to perform your function well= happiness
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Summary: virtue is related to happiness because happiness is just living well and part of living well is to fulfill the function of being human; this function is to live in accord with reason and the life that is in accord with reason is the virtuous life.
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