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class 25 moral worth - PHIL 13 Class 25 OH Nomy Arpaly...

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PHIL 13 / Class 25 OH Nomy Arpaly, “Moral Worth” (from Unprincipled Virtue) Moral Desirability of Actions v. Moral Worth of Actions - morally required, we wouldn't give a agent moral praise for doing so. - reserve moral praise for actions that are morally required and by actions that are performed for the reason that the actions are right. the reason that make it the right thing. Ex: Madame Bovery, Kant’s Honest Shopkeeper, etc - loves morality, but seems to be in love with the romance of morality. . very shallow and self indulging.: but her action seem to lack moral worth because doesn't do it for the right moral reason; so don't give her moral praise. - looking out for his own reason with the demands of morality. - the reason why the person is doing the moral worth - kants: shopkeeper- who's honest, but the reason he's going to be hoenst is because its a good reason to be honest; does something that is morally required- honest, but his action doesn't have moral worth because not honest for the right reasons. . - motivation plays a role in play when to see if the person is good/ bad - less apt to praise someone if - util: does not think that an agents reason matters. .. “Praiseworthiness as Responsiveness to Moral Reasons” “For an agent to be morally praiseworthy for doing the right thing is for her to have done the right thing for the relevant moral reasons—that is, the reasons for which she acts are identical to the reasons for which the action is right” (72). - doing that action because its in your best interest does not deserve moral praise. - moral praise: knowledge someone's appropriate reason for moral worth. - EMILy ex: have to knowingly act on the right moral reason to deserve praise.
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- moral worth: doing the action for the reason of it being morally right Praiseworthiness and Knowledge of Right Action “moral worth is fundamentally about acting for moral reasons, not about acting for reasons believed or known to be such, and distinguishing the two is important in evaluating moral agents” (73). - do you have to know that your doing the right thing to have moral worth? she thinks you don't have to. .. - Emily can drop out of grad school for good reasons - someone can do the right thing for the right reason without knowing that those are the right reasons. - you can believe you ar dong the wrong thing or you can believe the right thing and be blameworthy for that doesn't depend on what you think of the moral standard. - person action can have moral worth even tho she doesn't do it
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class 25 moral worth - PHIL 13 Class 25 OH Nomy Arpaly...

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