phil essay - Choi Connie Nagel vs Kant views The idea of...

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  Choi, Connie Nagel vs. Kant views The idea of what good is intrigues individuals for it is the question of what motivations behind good may be. Nagel’s argument is based on the idea that people act the way they do with the consequences of their behavior in mind which differs from Kant’s idea of acting “. ..never simply as a means, but always as an end." There is faith that most are morally driven with clarity in their lives when it comes to civility, and there are the cases of blurred understandings of good and bad that refrain or encourage others to do what they do not do or do. The purpose is what ultimately decides the good in will pursued by an individual. Although the aftermath of the deed that was purely benevolent is not successful, the matter is focused on the intention for it is the ultimate proof of good. Therefore, when Kant mentions that one acts in good will through duty, it is truly good because the sense of equality that duty instates is fairness and it is accepted and promoted. This structure of morality Kant builds is incorporated to the overall architect of what he believes to be freedom. Freedom is not purely driven by wants and desires without consequences, but rather with following rational principles. Kant justifies this argument by reasoning that freedom is to be obliged to duties and moral behavior for it results in
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phil essay - Choi Connie Nagel vs Kant views The idea of...

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