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-1 The College Dream In college there are many different views on education that one is receiving. Both declining by degree and “ on the uses of a liberal education” talk about acceptance, finance, and how to get through college with out really putting forth effort to succeed. In my own experience I have seen this play out in front of my eyes yet, have not been able to accomplish it with the same ease. College has become a way of life in today’s society, it is a way to better yourself and fulfill the American dream. When really one needs a college degree to thrive in the middle class(degree). To me college is something that is expected, some sort of unwritten rule between me and my family. In high school I was never at the top of anything, but I still did well. As I began to apply for college I had many doubts. In my
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Unformatted text preview: mind I wondered if I would even be accepted. My SAT scores were awful but I had a 3.0, maybe that would be enough. To my relief I was accepted to the University of Arizona with no problems or concerns. In large schools such as western Kentucky over 90 percent of those who applied were accepted(degree). With these large numbers of students being accepted through out the years it seems that the schools are more concerned with the number of bodies that they can get on campus that the real nature of the facility begins to be compromised. A university is a place to hone in skills to enter the work force as a strong and knowledgeable adults, but because the universities are beginning to compromise this aspect it is going downhill....
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