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Othello paper - I Given circumstances A Environmental facts...

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-1 I. Given circumstances: A. Environmental facts: 1. (settings) Act one of Othello is set during a time of war and starts out on a street in Venice Italy, it then moves to another street, and ends in the counsel chambers of the duke. Act two is set in a sea port in Cyprus, an open place then moves to a street in the middle of the city, and ends in the castle hall. Act three begins in front of the castle in Cyrus then moves to a room inside the castle. Scene three is in the castle garden and then moves back to the front of the castle again. Act four starts in the same place as the end of act three , they are in the front of the castle, it then moves to a room in the castle then finally moves to another room in the castle. The final act starts out in a Cyrus street , the play ends in Desdemona’s bed chamber where Othello, Desdemona, Emilia and Iago all end up dead. 2. Date: Othello takes place in the mid 1500’s in southern Europe. It starts the late summer and war has broken out. Othello has been sent to Cyprus and is there the remainder of the play. The play spans a few months during the Turkish and Venetian war. 3. Economic environment: Othello is a war general, he is very high up insecurity even though he is a moor. Iago who is Othello’s assistant is upper class and has many connections with the Venetian royalty. He convinces Rodrigo to give him all of his money in order to win Rodrigo Desdemona’s hand. is a Desdemona is the daughter of the baron and very well off. 4. Politics play a huge role in Othello. The most obvious is Othello himself, the fact that he is a moor and somewhat considered to be below others by those
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who are ignorant around him; like Brabantio. However there are some who do not care at all the fact that Othello is black, such as Desdemona and Iago. Because of Desdemona’s class within society it makes marriage with Othello extremely difficult do to because he is black. Even though he is a reputable man, and considered a hero within the society, he is still not worthy to have Desdemona, or any other white women for that matter. Another obvious example of politics is the Senator, Brabantio who tries to use his position in the
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Othello paper - I Given circumstances A Environmental facts...

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