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Texas Governor - Texas Governor Governor(1 Serves 4 year...

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Texas Governor Governor: ( 1.) Serves 4 year term, with no limit to how many terms a Governor may serve (2.) Salary $115,345 a year (set by the legislature) is one of the highest in the nation; also has use of Governor's mansion with full staff, with substantial expense account (3.) May be removed only by impeachment (legislature) Formal Qualifications: (1.) At least 30 years of age (2.) American Citizen (3.) Citizen / resident of TX for five years Informal: ( 1.) Ethnic (W.A.S.P.) (2.) Male (3.) Middle Age, Attorney or Business (4.) Conservative or Moderate (5.) Money (or access) Strong Powers: Governor has relatively few strong ‘constitutional’ powers, among these are (1.) Veto (2.) Line Item Veto (for appropriations bill only) (3.) Threat of Veto; an informal legislative power of the governor not mentioned in the constitution, but very effective, especially given the line item veto over budget appropriations. (4.) Special session of Legislature; exclusive constitutional power to call session & determine subject. Note:
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