biopsychosocial notes - Human Behavior (sept. 11)...

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Human Behavior (sept. 11) Adaptation and Coping (Ashford ch. 1) adaptation can be enhanced: by expanding or improving the environment by increasing a person's behavioral competence in adapting to environmental demands stress stages--biological (p. 26-27) feel tension resist stress exhaustion Coping Skills (5 types) able to solicit/obtain types of info needed to function well think about/plan for future control emotions control need for immediate gratification Biophysical Dimension (Ashford ch. 2, p. 42-?) physical resilience --resistance to injury, rate of healing (p. 66) allostasis--biological systems help each other stabilize the body (p. 66) illness behavior--how people respond to realization of illness, varies with biological system involved with patient's illness, e.g. breast Psychological Dimension (Ashford ch. 3, p. 76-) Psychodynamic Theory
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biopsychosocial notes - Human Behavior (sept. 11)...

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