10 20 - Oct 24 Leiber 2+3 Oct 27 Morton...

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Sheet1 Page 1 10/24/09 Leiber 2+3 10/27/09 Morton "functionalism" Copeland #18: Intro, 4.1, 4.5-end 10/31/09 Morton "AI" 11/03/09 ->see website (calendar) Bringsjord Minsky Kismet Cog Dennet Ch. 2 Stances -Physical- view object in terms of physical properties (in terms of physics) -Design- view something as it is or as it could be designed (in terms of its functions) -can use to describe natural objects -Intentional- give object human features, mental states (purposeful anthropomorphism) -can use to describe things without mental states -none of them are literal -use them to describe and predict behavior Ch. 3: Media and Messages (NOTE) Funtionalists: the mind is defined by functional relationships, not underlying physics -D.D. giving a fuctionalist and materialist acct. of Consciousness -Criticisms of functionalism ->Chinese Room (Searle) -no intelligence, just symbol manipulation ->Cast of Millions (Block) -seems like right stuff going on for a mind, but no knowledge -Dennett will defend against this
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10 20 - Oct 24 Leiber 2+3 Oct 27 Morton...

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