9 19 - Reading: Personal Identity-Thurs. Locke (selections)...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Reading: Personal Identity-Thurs. Locke (selections) Vesey + Partit: "Brain Transplant" Consciousness-Monday Johnson-Laird-optional others TBA -------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- Arguments for Dualism -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Religion 2. Introspection -I look inside and the body seems different from the mind 3. Irreducibility -more specific: no physicsal system could to "x" (i.e. x= language, logic, reason. ..etc.) -common in consciousness arguments -probably the strongest argument for dualism (by being a strong argument against materialism) 4. Parapsychology -Nothing physical could explain telekenesis, ESP. ..etc. -not much evidence that these paranormal events even exist Leibniz's Law: to be the same, two things must have all of the same properties Arguments against Dualism -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Unintelligibility of Interaction between Mind & Body -no idea how a non-physical thing could affect a physical thing ->Descartes' Response -thought there were animal (living) spirits in the Pineal Gland (center of brain) -still has same problem. ..are spirits phys. or non phys.? how would they interact with the other side? ->Carl Pauper's Response
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9 19 - Reading: Personal Identity-Thurs. Locke (selections)...

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