9 26 - =760 torr =760 mm Hg PV=nRT PV= N x m= joule R=...

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Sheet1 Page 1 1. Particles of gas are so small that their volume is negligible compared to the volume of the container. 2. There are no forces of attraction or repulsion between gas particles and particles of the walls of the container. Properties 1. Temperature KE=(1/2)mr^2=(3/2)kT T(K)=T(Cdeg)+273.15 :( leave me alone! you're ridiculous 2. Volume m^3 l 3. Pressure Pressure =Force/unit area N/m^2 =1 Pascal 1 atm =1.01325 x 10^5 Pascal =101.325 kPa 1 bar =10^5 Pa 1 atm =1.01325 bar
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Unformatted text preview: =760 torr =760 mm Hg PV=nRT PV= N x m= joule R= 8.314472 J/moleK R= .08205745 Latm/moleK k= Bolzmann constant = R/NA= 1.380658 x 10^-23 J/K KE =(1/2)mV^2 =(3/2)kT for one particle KE(mole)=(1/2)(M.W.)V^(-2) =(3/2)RT Boltzmann Distribution (Number of particles at given energy) =(total number of particles)e^(-E/kT) diffusion-how fast a gas is moving through another gas effusion-how fast a molecules of a gas will move through a tiny hole...
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