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9 12 - -all knowledge comes from sense experience Med I...

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Sheet1 Page 1 for Thursday: Next Time: Dualism Decartes: Selections from Med. VI (Pages are on yahoo group) Fahey: Descartes Companion pgs. 14-16 RenSearch Churchland: Chap. 2 (Just dualism section) Phineas Gage- esp. story about Phineas Gage Questions: To hand in Descartes Med. VI-Descartes gives 2 arguments for dualism. They both fit into the same category of arguments that Churchland discusses- which one is it -Also implied argument for Dualism in Med. II- What is it? Reading for Monday: Materialism Churchland: Ch. 2- rest of chapter NOTES: Epistemology-> The theory of knowledge (A) Rationalism- knowledge is about reason -math is their model (Deduction) -focus on certainty -belief in innate ideas -ideas that you are born with -knowledge requires no sense experience -Plato, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz (B) Empiricism- knowledge is based on sense experience -focused on science (Induction) -DENY innate ideas
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Unformatted text preview: -all knowledge comes from sense experience Med I: Foundationalism-find a foundation to support knowledge-something certain-Skeptic-> no reason to think we kave knowledge-If I know something, there should be no good reason to doubt it-If I can doubt it, then I don't know it-Three Groups of beliefs: Belief How I know it Why I can doubt it 1. Sense Experience a. small & distant a. previous experience b. large & near b. dreaming 2. Reason mathematics evil daemon theorum (everything is not as it appears) 3. Cogito Whenever I think, I am, I exist. I KNOW THAT I EXIST! BEAT THAT SKEPTIC! "Thinking Thing"-What exists?-not body-no biological properties (nutrition, motion) Sheet1 Page 2-only thinking-Problem of other minds->-can't be sure other minds exist-Wax example-show that my intuition that knowledge rests on the senses is wrong-I know via reason, not via senses....
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9 12 - -all knowledge comes from sense experience Med I...

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