11 7 - Genetics-moral/ethical problems Nanotechnology-could...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Reading 11/14/09 McKibben 3-5 11/21/09 de Goris Moravec Clark Baord 12/05/09 Gips Umer Khan Moore's Law -every two years, twice as much circuitry running at twice the speed for the same price -does this mean that technology will surpass [humans]? -not neccesarily, software still crappy What's different about new technology? [Thought: maybe we need to reexamine our value of knowledge for knowledge's sake (unrestricted knowledge)]
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Unformatted text preview: Genetics-moral/ethical problems Nanotechnology-could they force us to be cyborgs?-the Grey goo problem-nanobots get too hungry and reduce the biosphere to dust Robotics-threatens our existence-potential for self-replication-doesn't need us and could possibly make us obsolete Technology is progressing really fast-we really might have to stop pursuing some of these technologies...
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