connectionalism lecture - -Radical (philosophical)...

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Sheet1 Page 1 -Radical (philosophical) Behaviorism- mental properties are behavioral dispositions to be intelligent is to behave intelligent mental properties reduce to properties between a biological agent and its environment whatever goes on inside the agent obviously contributes to the agent having those properties, but doesn't constitute them Problem: what about our 'inner mental life' -Methodological (Psychological) Behaviorism- there are inner mental states, but they can be studied in terms of behavioral dispositions Problems: not all mental states are caused by stimulii, not all mental states cause observable behavior, it is possible for two agents with different mental states to have the same behavioral dispositions -Identity Theory- mental states are physical states of the brain to have a belief X is to have a certain brain state Problems: Cardon Chauvinism- why does it have to be carbon based configuration of neurons? why not other elements? Isnt the meaning of brain states in part derived from the role that they have in the overall causal system? -Functionalism- mental states of an agent can be defined relative to an abstract causal system as implemented by that agent's sensory apparatus, motor control, and mediating mechanisms can be seen as a compromise between I.T. and behaviorism -Multiple Realizability- functionalism allows for different beings of different materials to be intelligent as long as the relevant
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connectionalism lecture - -Radical (philosophical)...

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