10 31 - -hard to know what to ignore e.g tank-shadow...

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Sheet1 Page 1 11/07/09 Joy McKibben 1-2 Minsky 11/14/09 McKibben 3-5 DNA deals the cards, you still have to play the hand Discrete State Machines -moves from one definite state to another -input -internal states -output Graphic form of algorithm ->machine table Problems for Constructing Intelligent Machines -Frame Problem -writing an algorithm for a task that will anticipate the results of actions carried out, but without having to provide instructions for everything that will not result from carrying out the action.
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Unformatted text preview: -hard to know what to ignore e.g. tank-shadow program (tanks don't have to have shadows)-Relevant Problem-hard to know (possibly impossible) to lay out, in advance, what information will be relevant to the infinite number of circumstances the machine could find itself in-big problem for top-down programming-how to know what information in the environment is relevant to problem at hand...
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