EXM2_P3 - INERTIA B, 1/12*MB*LB^2, 0, 1/12*MB*LB^2 % Create...

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Sheet1 Page 1 % Kevin Menear % Multibody Dynamics - Spring '08 % Exam 2 - Problem #3 % % Body A - Rod A % Body B - Rod B % Point O - Newtonian origin % Point AO - COM of body A % Point BO - COM of body B % Point P - Point connecting bodies A,B % M - Unit of Mass % MA - Mass of body A % MB - Mass of body B % Q1 - Angle between N and A reference frames % Q2 - Angle between A and B reference frames % Q3 - Auxiliary angle between N and A references frames % Q4 - Auxiliary angle between N and A references frames % L - Unit of Length % LA - length of body A % LB - length of body B PAUSE 0 BODIES A,B POINTS O,P CONSTANTS M=1, L=0.10, MA=2*M, MB=M, LA=4*L, LB=2*L, G VARIABLES Q{4}',U{4}', TC, TC1, TC3 % Define Newtonian Reference Frame NEWTONIAN N % Define Masses of bodies J,K,L MASS A=MA,B=MB % Define Orientation of Bodies and Reference Frames SIMPROT(N,A,2,Q1) SIMPROT(A,B,3,Q2) % Define positions of key points P_O_AO>=-0.5*LA*A3> P_O_P>=LA*A3> P_P_BO>=0.5*LB*B2> % Define Inertia Properties for Bodies J,K,L INERTIA A, 1/12*MA*LA^2, 1/12*MA*LA^2, 0
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Unformatted text preview: INERTIA B, 1/12*MB*LB^2, 0, 1/12*MB*LB^2 % Create Kinematical Differential Equations Q1'=U1 Q2'=U2 % State velocities and angular velocities of key points V_O_N>=0*N1> Sheet1 Page 2 V2PTS(N,A,O,AO) V2PTS(N,A,O,P) V2PTS(A,B,P,BO) W_A_N>=U1*N2>+U3*A1>+U4*A3> W_B_A>=U2*B3> % Inform AUTOLEV that U3 and U$ are auxiliary and they should be constrained out AUXILIARY[1]=U3 AUXILIARY[1]=U4 CONSTRAIN(AUXILIARY[U3]) CONSTRAIN(AUXILIARY[U4]) % Specification of Applied Loads GRAVITY(-G*N3>) TORQUETC>=TC1*A1+TC3*A3> TORQUE(N/B, TORQUETC>) TC=(TC1^2+TC3^2)^.5 % Solve for generalized active and generalized inertia forces ZERO=FR()+FRSTAR() % Form Kane's Dynamical Equations KANE() % Specify the units for all variables and constants UNITS MA=kg, MB=kg, L=m, TC=N*m, & Q1=rad, Q2=rad, Q3=rad, Q4=rad, T=S, & U1=rad/s, U2=rad/s, U3=rad/s, U4=rad/s, % State quantities to be output OUTPUT T,TC,Q1,Q2, % Write computer code associated with dynamics analysis CODE DYNAMICS() EXM2_P3.C...
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EXM2_P3 - INERTIA B, 1/12*MB*LB^2, 0, 1/12*MB*LB^2 % Create...

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