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8 31 - include any calculations Data and...

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Sheet1 Page 1 section 15 scott bello [email protected] walker labs rm 5301 phone: walker: 2501 office: 272-0232 office hours: Tues: 10-12, Wed: 12:30-5, Thur: 10:15-3:45 TAs Tawanna Childs [email protected] Jia Duo [email protected] Xinquin Huang [email protected] Group #9: mickelus, niecious log201=2.303 <----- correct number of sigfigs, 2 is just placeholder ^^^mantissa ALL OF THIS IS ON WEB CT Pre-Lab components: Objective: state the purpose of the experiment and a brie statement about the basic principals and methods to be used. Reference: Cite the source for your experiments, calculations, literature Pre-Lab questions: answer them Flow chart: before coming to the lab, construct a flow chart summarizing the experimental procedure.
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Unformatted text preview: include any calculations. Data and observations:-recorded during session and submitted at end-qualitative and quantitative-record group names-analysis must be reported independently Post Lab:-handed in one week after experiment-type written in your own words-electronic submission not accepted Components: Sheet1 Page 2 Introduction: describe relevance and importance Procedure: explain in detail Data, Observations, and Results: charts and paragraphs Discussions and Conclusions: Include any post lab questions, explanation of results, compare with accepted literaature value s summarize what you have proved References: list them...
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8 31 - include any calculations Data and...

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