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Sheet1 Page 1 Oxidation 1.Atoms in elemental form have a 0 oxidation number (i.e. H2, O2, N2. ..) 2.If you have a monoatiomic ion, oxidation number equals charge (i.e. Cl-=-1, Mg2+=+2. ..) 3.Nonmetals have a very high electronegativity (they really want to grab electrons) usually, the oxidation # is negative Oxygen- In molecules like H2O, SO4(2-). .. Oxidation #=(-2)
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Unformatted text preview: Exceptions: peroxide, where 2 oxygens are bound to each other and then bound to other things peroxides oxygens have oxidation #=(-1) superoxides- KO2, O has oxidation #=(-1/2) Hydrogen- When bound to nonmetals oxidation #=(+1) Exceptions: when bound to metals can have oxidation #=(-1) (i.e. NaH, CaH2) Metals- Want to have (+) oxidation #...
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