A Day in 1969

A Day in 1969 - A Day in 1969 Two historical happenings...

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A Day in 1969 Two historical happenings were going on in 1969. Man was walking on the moon for the very first time. The Kennedys were in the news concerning Edward Kennedy with Chappaquidic incident. Researching Ft. Wayne s Journal Gazette gave me great insight on how people felt about and looked at these historical events. The headline reads, No. 99--And Then Awesome 5 Seconds. This article put the whole moon landing experience in perspective through Neil Armstrong s eyes. It starts from when Neil saw the number 99 flashing. He had only five seconds to make the crucial decision to push the proceed button and try to land on the surface of the moon. After the five seconds, he pushed the button and started the seven-minute burning of the engine at full power. The astronauts didn t even land on the moon yet and they were already putting things into perspective of how Neil Armstrong felt. What Will Be First Words said On the Moon? These words rang the question of what Neil Armstrong would say as he set foot on the moon. One person predicted he would say the Lord s Prayer upon landing. Another person guessed he would say something along the lines of Lord, thanks for letting me set foot on the moon. If you let me set my foot on earth again, I will thank you even more. Some other predictions were: What now?, Boys, it s not green cheese, and Where am I going to put this flag? It was so funny to see these outrageous predictions people had. The sayings they came up with were not even close to the famous words of Neil Armstrong, That s one giant leap for mankind, one small step for man. Most Americans weren t even able to see the moon when the
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A Day in 1969 - A Day in 1969 Two historical happenings...

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