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A Dialogue to Hamlet

A Dialogue to Hamlet - Dialogue Dear Hamlet I have just...

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Dialogue Dear: Hamlet, I have just received the news from Ophelia of her father's decision and am deeply dishearten by it. I am as you may be, finding his wishes hard to live by. But you must ask yourself if you truly have feelings for Ophelia. You must understand that she is going through some hard times and some of her feelings towards you may be opaque, and even coarse at times. If it is true love that you feel then I must suggest that you confront her. Ophelia has grown wary of your love due to previous confrontations, so I must reinforce that your feelings be true to yourself. You must make haste with your decision however, because I feel that others may have an eye out for your loved one. When meeting with her you must show your sincere feelings and not hide them behind a mask, only then will you know if your love is true. Keep in mind that Ophelia is most likely to obey her father's wishes, which is why your cunning qualities, shown to me over the years must come into play. Beware of distractions and try to make your meeting
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